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My name is James Kiester. Back in 2008, I began the blog Blogito Ergo Sum as a writing and literature blog. I had just written a novel, and I wanted to build an online following to make myself more attractive to publishers. I found myself writing multiple entries about food. Thus, I opened a second blog called On My Plate where I could share my thoughts on cheese, wine, restaurants, recipes, and other aspects of the epicurean realm.

Fast forward to 2018, my book never sold. Publishers didn't want to look at my book until I had an agent, agents didn't want to represent me until I had been published. Talk about a catch-22. The reality is, I can write much better than I can travrse the labrynth of the publishing world. They're vastly different skills.

Back in the day, on Blogito Ergo Sum, I used to do the occasional political/current events Op-Ed in between my writings about books and the writing business. Gradually, the opinion pieces began to outweigh the literary posts. With this in mind, I yielded to the tides and refurbished Blogito Ergo Sum into a full fledged political/current events blog. It's NOT a NEWS blog; I can't break the next big story. The blog simply allows me to put the NEWS, which is already out there, into a certain perspective.

Eventually, my thoughts became increasingly occupied with thoughts of a spiritual nature. In order to share these thoughts, I started Musings From The Christian Left. Just as it sounds, Musings is a blog which explores Christian topics from a liberal point of view.

Maintaning these three blogs, and supporting social media pages, allows me to serve a diverse audience of readers from anywhere that's internet hot. I wonder if this is how William Randolph Hearst began. Rosebud.

You can drop me a line at James@JamesKiester.com. Senders of messages via this link will be subscribed to James' blog newsletter, "James Kiester's Blogogram".

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